Who is this girl?

My name is Josi. ​I am the daughter of a narcissistic mother. Consequently, I experienced emotional abuse, neglect and parentification as a child. I was diagnosed with depression and dysthymia recently and I believe that I also have complex PTSD and ADD. A crucial part of my recovery journey is therapy and  a self help group for children of toxic parents I participate in regularly. What I write on my blog comes from insight through extensive research, self reflection, my amazing therapist and from exchange with other survivors.


A cruel part of growing up with a borderline mother is being silenced. As a result I, like many others out there, lost my voice. This page is an attempt to gain back my voice - and my power. I'd like to tell you my story and take you on a healing journey with me. 

As my recovery process started while I was on a road trip in Australia and New Zealand with my boyfriend, I will use pictures of that trip on this page frequently. Australia especially has an incredible healing effect to me.

The greatest power, however, lies within ourselves. Magic happens, when we unlearn who they taught us to be and instead discover who we are without our trauma... This opens the paths to becoming our greatest and truest selves.